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Best ADC Gods in Smite

ADC stands for Attack Damage Carry, and in this role, you focus on building up high damage and carrying your team in the late game. Smite is home to over 100 playable Gods, and around a quarter of them are considered ADC Gods. Here are the best ADC Gods in Smite. Before we get into our […]

How to level up fast in Roblox Zenkai Origins?

It’s not surprising for an anime RPG to be more difficult than most other Roblox experiences. However, Zenkai Origins may take this difficulty to a new level—pun intended. Climbing the ranks and leveling up your character is crucial in Zenkai Origins, so it can become a bit frustrating as you progress throughout the experience, gaining little to no […]

Supply Drops will now guarantee crate weapons in late game for Apex Legends

Season 11: Escape has brought a plethora of changes to Apex Legends, including quite a few changes to how neutral Supply Drops work in Battle Royale mode. While not present in Lifeline’s Care Packages, the neutral Supply Drops can often include crate weapons. Crate weapons are Heirloom-tier in rarity and are some of the most […]