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All Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Trophies

Final Fantasy XIV’s latest expansion, Endwalker, brings plenty of new activities for players to enjoy, including the continuation of the game’s award-winning story and unique trophies for PlayStation players to amass. We’ve compiled a list of all the new trophies added in the Endwalker update for Final Fantasy XIV below. Be advised that some trophies […]

All Legend changes and bug fixes in the Raiders Collection Event patch Apex Legends

Another patch, another set of Legend updates. However, the Raiders Collection Event patch didn’t bring your typical Legend update to Apex Legends. Most of the changes this time around are bug fixes, including some fixes that players have been waiting for. The couple of balance changes present, however, can also be relatively game changing. Here […]

Does Final Fantasy XIV’s Trial Edition level cap increase with Endwalker?

Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion releases more jobs, missions, and dungeons available for players to explore. The addition of more content to Final Fantasy XIV has raised questions on whether there will be changes to the Trial Edition of the game, mainly if the level cap will increase for free players. While the level cap […]

All New Field Areas in Endwalker

With new MMORPG expansions come new areas to explore, and Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is no different. In the most recent update to the game, four sprawling new field areas have been added for your characters to explore. Each has it’s own unique character and design, from idyllic farmland, to lush jungle, to… well the […]

How to fix Final Fantasy XIV’s Launcher update error

Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker update is finally available for download, but some users have trouble getting their game launcher to update. Without the update, you can’t download the Endwalker update. Here’s how to get your launcher updated and alleviate this issue. Thanks to some hard-working Redditors, there’s already a fix for a faulty launcher update. […]