Is Norman Reedus involved in the new project teased by Hideo Kojima?

Kojima is as cryptic as ever.

Hideo Kojima is legendary in the gaming world, and he has tweeted about his latest new project that he is working on, and fans are assuming that actor Norman Reedus is going to be involved.

Not much is in the image apart from a camera and crew about to start filming. In the background wearing white, with black pants with a familiar haircut, potentially could be Normal Reedus, as the commentators of the tweet suggest—but the person's face was covered.

These two are well-known collaborators, as Reedus was involved in Kojima's Silent Hill, and of course, Death Stranding, so it makes sense that the new project could involve the star in some way or form. But only time will tell if true.

Recently, I've been revising the plan and script, and experimenting with everything else.

Hideo Kojima

Even more interesting is that The Game Awards presenter Geoff Keighley, also well known in the gaming world, replied to the tweet using the eyes emoji, and nothing more. Is this another tease that this new project may appear at The Game Awards on Dec 9?

Or maybe the new project is not even a game, but a film because Kojima Productions has a TV and film studio in Los Angeles. Whatever the take, Kojima is still as cryptic as ever.

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