Genshin Impact Shadows Amidst Snowstorms Event Guide

Put your snowshoes on—Genshin Impact is forcing you back into the deadly Dragonspine!

The Shadows Amidst Snowstorms event brings players back to Dragonspine, where more mysteries surrounding Albedo will unfold. On the lighthearted end of the spectrum, this event also embraces hints of the holiday spirit with snowman-building mechanics that are here to stay—forever!

Players Adventure Rank 20 and above who have completed the following quests can unlock this event.

  • Monstadt Archon Quest: For a Tomorrow Without Tears
  • Albedo Story Quest: Princeps Cretaceus Chapter: Act I - Traveler Observation Report
  • Dragonspine World Quest: Lost in the Snow

This event will run from Nov. 25, 2021 to Dec. 13, 2021, and will release in three Acts. Make sure to check back for updates on the event and its corresponding mechanics.

  • Act I: Nov. 25, 2021
  • Act II: Dec. 1, 2021
  • Act III: Dec 4, 2021

Act I: The Snowy Past

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Players who meet all the prerequisites will automatically unlock the Event Quest The Snowy Past. It starts at Monstadt, where you decide to follow a gloomy-looking Albedo to Dragonspine to ask about making a juicer for Paimon (upon Sucrose's suggestion). There, you meet some familiar faces, Amber and Eula, who are trying to cheer Joel up by building snowmen with him.

Later in the quest, you meet Bennett, rounding up the cast of characters for Shadows Amidst Snowstorms. The Event Quest revolves around finding the imposter posing as Albedo, who's also suspected of stealing his ever-important research notes. Along the way, you discover bits and pieces about Albedo, synthetic humans, and Durin, the dragon who fell in Dragonspine.

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Born of the Snow

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This event mechanic encourages you to build a Puffy Snowman in exchange for amazing rewards. Click on the Event Menu and select Born of the Snow to get an overview of the Challenges and locate the Puffy Snowmen around Dragonspine.

Each Puffy Snowman is pre-built with a Torso, and you need to supply all of the following parts to complete it:

  • Head
  • Hands
  • Hat
  • Eyes
  • Scarf
  • Nose

Completing Snowman Mark One will grant you a Cinnabar Spindle, while completing Task Force Snowman will grant you three permanent Puffy Snowman torsos that can be placed in your Serenitea Pot all-year-round. However, currently, only Snowman Mark One is open—the rest of the Challenges can be completed as Acts II and III release in the coming days.

Snowman Component Exchange

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Click on Exchange Components to send Puffy Snowman parts to friends! You can view their wishlist to gift them their favorite components. Likewise, you can set a wishlist and receive components from friends.

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Dragonspine Special Training

This part of the event contains three different Challenges that you can complete to earn Event Currency, Puffy Snowman components, and other reward essentials, such as Primogems and Mora. Currently, only the first two Challenges are open in each Training course, while the rest will gradually become available throughout the event.

Agility Training

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The Agility Training is essentially an obstacle course common in various Genshin Impact events. Your goal is to collect as many Insignias as possible, which will determine your overall score. Pick up the following buffs from the ground to help you:

  • Galespring Blessings (green)—increase jumping power
  • Ironskin Blessings (yellow)—allows you to break pillars

When you see a pillar glowing in the middle, make sure to run through it with the Ironskin Blessings, as the glow indicates that there's a hidden Insignia inside.

Tracker Training

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This Challenge requires you to break a certain number of Ice Crystal Piles using Pyro. Run around the Challenge area in search of these Piles, which will also reward you with Snowman components. But be careful—you'll find enemies lurking around here and there. You don't need to defeat them to complete this Challenge.

Combat Training

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Upon initiating the Combat Challenge, Sheer Cold will accumulate much more quickly thanks to the mechanism in the middle. It will also give nearby enemies a Cryo buff in intervals, so be careful! There are no torches nearby, so counter the effects of Sheer Cold by destroying Scarlet Quartz, picking them up with the Interact button, and hitting the three small mechanisms surrounding the lure at the center.

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The mechanisms are naturally blue and don't emit any heat. When hit with a Scarlet Quartz, they begin to glow orange and will counter the effects of Sheer Cold. But be careful—when you're carrying a Scarlet Quartz, the next attack you make will use it up. So if you don't target the mechanisms correctly and accidentally hit an enemy with the Quartz, they won't activate.

Choosing not to activate the mechanisms is also an option. The only requirement for completing this Challenge is to defeat all the enemies.

Act II: The Shadows Deepen

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Act II starts with the Event Quest The Shadows Deepen, which will unlock after completing The Snowy Past. You and Albedo meet up with the rest of the gang and rest up in camp. The next day, you get caught up in an avalanche, separating Bennett and Albedo from the group.

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The quest will guide you to finding Bennett. As for Albedo, head to the two areas indicated by the quest marker and use Elemental Sight to find breakable boulders. Use Geo Damage or Physical Damage with a claymore to break the boulders—only to find that Albedo isn't in any of them.

Eventually, Albedo will appear, but he'll turn out to be an imposter: a mutated Whopperflower called the Fell Flower, which you need to defeat to proceed with the rest of the quest dialogue. Check out the next section for more details about the boss battle.

Rise of the Fell Flower

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Completing Act II will unlock the event mechanic called Rise of the Fell Flower, which is essentially a Challenge segment that involves defeating the same mutated Whopperflower that appeared in the quest. Complete various tasks to obtain Vanquisher's Emblems, Hero's Wits, and Mora.

Battle Mechanics

Interact with the Arcane Essences (marked with a #1 on the image above) to pick them up. Removing them from the field will prevent the Fell Flower's Cryo shield from regenerating. But be careful—picking up an Arcane Essence will cause you to rapidly lose HP, so bring in a healer to help out.

The boss will also summon Arcane Fruits (marked with #2 on the image above), which you need to hit to reflect shield-breaking damage onto the Fell Flower. These are summoned on the ground or air, so it helps to have a ranged character on your team.

Utilizing Arcane Essences and Arcane Fruits to break the boss' shield is important, as doing so will force the giant Fell Flower to become smaller and easier to defeat.

Event Shop

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Completing Special Training Challenges will reward you with Snowstrider Emblems, which you can exchange in the Event Shop for weapon Ascension materials, Hero's Wits, Mystic Enhancement Ores, and Alkahest, which is used for Refining the Cinnabar Spindle.

Meanwhile, the Rise of the Fell Flower will grant you Vanquisher's Emblems, which can be used to purchase various items from the Trial Trophies shop, including a Crown of Insight.

Don't forget to bookmark this guide and check back regularly for updates surrounding the event in the coming days. In the meantime, check out our guide on How to level up the Frostbearing Tree in Genshin Impact to help you explore the depths of Dragonspine.

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