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The Ultimate Electric Fireplace Buying Guide

In addition to the age-old fireplace choices using wood and gas, using electric fireplaces are all the rage nowadays. By installing an electric fireplace, you will make a resounding fashion statement while avoiding tasks such as cleaning chimneys, chopping wood, and expensive installation costs. With the sheer number of electric fireplaces up for sale, choosing the one that you fancy can be a little bit overwhelming. To have an easy time buying an electric fireplace, the pointers outlined below are vital.

The trend-setting innovations in the electric fireplace sector will simply blow your mind. If you are technology-oriented, the types of electric fireplaces on sale will catch your fancy. There are some advanced features that should never miss. Ensure that the fireplace comes with a remote control for easy flame control. To add to the icing on the cake, ensure that there is a touch screen panel on the fireplace for control functions. To spice up the deal, some electric fireplace models have in-built Bluetooth audio systems.

In as much as we agree on electric fireplaces being super cool, we all have different opinions on which types are the best. With many types of electric fireplaces, the type of installation is what differentiates them. Some of the most popular include but not limited, wall-mounted, built-in, free-standing, inserts, and with mantels. Wall mounted electric fireplaces are installed just like flat-screened televisions and can be uninstalled easily when moving. Built in electric fireplaces do not jut out of the wall, therefore, they present a more solid finish.

Free standing electric fireplaces are basically stand-alone units or media cabinets with fireplaces incorporated in them. It is possible to find television stands with fireplaces built into them. What differentiates free-standing from wall mounted fireplaces is the mode of installation. When it comes to electric fireplaces with mantels, they are absolutely easy to set up. Remodeling is not necessary, you just insert the fireplace onto the mantle.

Before deciding which electric fireplace suits you best, take into consideration the amount of heat that your room requires. If you need a heated room, what proportion of the room do you need to be heated? Areas around 500 square feet are appropriate for fan-forced coil fireplaces. But for areas over a thousand square feet, infrared quartz fireplaces are most suitable. Before deciding on the fireplace, it is vital to know the size of the room and the amount of heat needed.

With so many types of electric fireplaces for sale, it goes without saying that the prices will vary greatly. There are lots of electric fireplaces at your disposal, what matters is the kind of budget that you have. By factoring some of your preferences, it would be easier to make a purchase that will show value for your money. By adhering to the above-mentioned factors, choosing an excellent electric fireplace will be a piece of cake.

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