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Why Oak Barrels for Whiskey

In making whiskey, the American oak is usually rated the best and that’s why it is mainly used. There are however some other types of trees that are also used. They are the likes of the maple, hickory and very many others out there. There are various types of whiskey such as the Japanese and Irish whiskey that require that the liquor has to be age in the wooden barrel. This is however never specific to oak. The oak is highly preferred out if the great strength that it provided. To make the barrel the wood is held together with metal hoops and there are others that use leather to hold it together.

The barrels are sealed all around and they can, therefore, be rolled from one location to another. Doing this helps also in aiding the transportation of the barrel. Storing wine in a wooden vessel helps make it better. The reaction with the wine is never harmful in any way. Through this you will actually increase the value of the wine that you are producing. Wood actually helps in improving the quality of the wine. There is a more complex flavor and texture that happens. This is way different if you just choose to store the drink in the normal container. There is a greater effect that is usually presented by the wine since it presents more effects and it is preferred more.

There are many benefits that accrue storing the wine in the barrel. There are many classes of chemicals that you actually have. Each of these adds to the flavor as well as to the texture of the wine. These flavors include the vanilla flavors, toasty aromas among others. The oak gives great structural complexity being offered. To the red wines there are great advantages that are usually presented. There is great controlled oxidation which is brought about by the aging of the barrel. This benefits the wine in a great way. Gradual process happens slowly such that the astringency of the wine gets to take place. When this happens it means that you get to increase the stability and also the color of the wine that is very available. There is more complexity with the fruit aromas that do evolve really fast.

The oak interaction with whiskey gives a very great interesting experience. The wine has to be closely monitored at all times as this helps in ensuring that the spirit is able to gain character and more so gain the required color. There are different major factors that will get to determine the taste of the wine. the age of the barrel and the storage environment are the factors that will determine its quality.

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