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Great Purposes of Custom Challenge Coins

Confined Challenge Coins

These are the types of coins that are not monetary in value and are exclusively designed according to the specifications of every company and are usually given out as a reward to their employees or for any other reason deemed worthy of the coin. When a Challenge coin is purchased by a company, they would usually ask to have their logos and or their slogan imprinted on the coin to make it more personalized token from the company. These type of coins are usually not made for decorative purposes but are custom made for a company or an organization’s various reasons. Perhaps the fundamental purpose why people ware a Challenge Coin is usually sweet in nature. Challenge Coins serve large purposes since they are typically awarded to an individual for excellence or for achieving something and or a memorabilia. It was in the military where the trend of wearing the challenge coin started because it was used to symbolize each unit’s identity, used to remember their fallen brothers of the war and even boost or foster the spirit of brotherhood. When the United States of America started to adopted the Challenge Coins, it was for their soldiers to have. When the US Air Force adopted the use of Challenge Coins, they used it to display the government’s recognition to the soldiers efforts in defending their country. The recognition of the soldier’s efforts was the main purpose that these coins mainly served. As the time progresses along with the trend of the existence of Challenge Coins, soon the military department started to incorporate their own designs of the challenge coins by putting their own style and choice of shapes, color, background, pictures and or slogans and even the company statement or catch phrase. Today, Challenge coins are no longer just used as a token of reward but many companies, corporations and organizations use them for their own person reasons and sometimes, used only as a giveaways. Companies uses Challenge coins for various reasons such as using them as memorabilia, as a token of membership, as an award to a team or an individual employee or even just used as proof of attendance in a gathering. The Challenge coins are being used because they also imply courage and bravery of all sorts. The coins are also given to some groups as the coins will serve as their group symbol. Aside from being a symbol of courage and bravery, a Challenge Coin also enhances a person’s individual to get a specific job done. Oftentimes, the challenge coins are given to a group as a token of a mission accomplishment. Once in a while, the coins are given to an individual or a group to serve the purpose of a reward.

These coins are even used in Non-Government Offices, churches some Educational Institutions. In general, Challenge Coins are being produced for various and important reasons.

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