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A Sure Brand From Singapore, Soundteoh Electricial

Electrical consumables are not just for home and office utilize, they are likewise voyaging basics that you must have. Offering an arrangement of electrical consumables, Soundteoh Electronic has everything to fulfill your home and way of life needs. From venture out connectors to expansion links, Soundteoh has each and every electrical consumable you can consider.

Here is a listing of Soundteoh Electronic products we’ve shortlisted to cater on your each day domestic, office and transit use.

Travel Adaptor WP-131U From Soundteoh

Today, we are intensely subject to a suite of contraptions to control our ways of life.

Furthermore, having the capacity to just charge one gadget at any given moment wouldn’t cut it.

The Soundteoh Universal Adaptor with Dual USB Charger WP-131U enables you to charge three gadgets at the same time of one standard module gadget and two USB outlets.

It consists of 4 integrated plugs – like minded with US, EU, AU and UK general shops – which goes virtually anywhere within the international. This connector isn’t extraordinary for home and office use, it is likewise an unquestionable requirement to expedite fundamental your movements. With its collapsible sticks and minimized plan, you would now be able to movement light and spare space.

The adaptor has additionally integrated protection shutters to safeguard customers, specially kids, from the direct contact of the stay elements on the socket outlet.

This guarantees it is protected and dependable to utilize. Additionally, it’s miles protected towards fire dangers such as overheating or melting as it’s far fabricated from extraordinarily warmness resistant cloth. This ensures that it’s far se ure and dependable to apply.

The battery-worked LED Push Light PL-8303 capacities as a an extra light source or a nightlight . Being eco-accommodating, it is guaranteed to be vitality sparing with low power utilization.

Soundteoh 4-Way Extension with USB PS-442U

Ever confronted this issue where your electrical plug is out of your scope? Or on the other hand when your charging link is too short? This item will take care of these issues for you.

Outlined with a 3-meter-long link, the 4-route Extension with USB PS-442U is perfect for utilize when mounted electrical plugs are too far from your gadget.

It likewise incorporates 4 control attachment outlets for standard module apparatuses with 2 extra USB outlets with up to 4200mA of yield. This implies you can energize to 6 gadgets at once. Assurance, you require not stress over surges or over-burdening.

Digital Timer MDT-269 From Soundteoh

Have you at any point left the electrical plug exchanged on with your apparatuses running basically in light of the fact that you did not care to switch it off? It might happen either unintentionally or out of propensity.

Hean Lee Soundteoh Electronic

Before Hean Lee Radio Service Pte Ltd wound up noticeably one of the main pioneers in the electrical consumables advertise, it began as a modest family-possessed business by Mr Lee Hian Cheong in 1957. He was first engaged with exchanging of electrical segments and parts. Soon after, he realised that the buying and selling isn’t always sustainable in the long-run.

Soundteoh Being Recognized In A Region

Soundteoh Electronic items are not just broadly accessible in the nearby market, they are found in nations like Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei.

Since its unassuming beginnings, Hean Lee has been focused on giving their purchasers quality yet reasonable items.

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