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Some of the Most Common Uses of the Whizzinator

Synthetic urine is what you are getting when you will be using the Whizzinator. The synthetic urine that is found from the Whizzinator is a combination of a wide range of inorganic and organic substances with the likes of urea, phosphate, chloride, sulfates, and creatinine and then combined with water. It is in the laboratory that you will be able to find a wide use or applications for such a synthetic urine. Though synthetic urine is like real human urine when it comes to its physical and chemical properties, you will notice that the only difference will have to be synthetic urine not having any kind of waste that you can usually find in human urine. This goes to say that synthetic urine has been found to be better off used for purposes that will not threaten the person to get infectious as well as hygiene diseases. In addition to the just mentioned purpose of the Whizzinator and synthetic urine, the following are the other uses to them that you might not have any idea about.

Equipment calibration: There is a need for urine testing tools and equipment to be properly calibrated and this is the part where using synthetic urine comes into the picture. Compared with real urine, when you use synthetic urine, you know that these gadgets will be properly calibrated because it has uniform compositions with no outside factor influence.

Education: For some health care professionals working in the lab, they need to be experts in conducting several clinical testing methods such as urinalysis and hence the need for synthetic urine to help them practice these methods. You can also make use of synthetic urine for some scientific reasons that will be of benefit to the general public.

Diaper testing is another means to make use of synthetic urine. Just like urine testing equipment, diapers can also better benefit from using synthetic urine and not real urine. Synthetic urine is capable of letting the manufacturer know how durable the diapers they are making.

Another use of synthetic urine is checking out how effective cleaning agents are. What you need to know about using synthetic urine is the fact that they are great at letting people show other people that what they are selling are effective cleaning agents even when it comes to cleaning urine. Some of the most common cleaning agents that can benefit from using synthetic urine includes furniture and carpet cleaning agents.

Passing your drug test could be another use to having the Whizzinator with you. The Whizzinator has long been used for both men and women to be able to pass their drug tests. You see, the Whizzinator only expels synthetic urine that is free from any traces of drugs in your system that is why you can pass your exam.

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